Introduction it is …

This funny dude above is me…Well i know not a very interesting way to begin with.

But hell that’s me, a 24 year old medical student trapped in the alleys of his mind,  essentially an introvert mostly mistaken to be an extrovert. A person, sure about his ways and thoughts , when becomes confused about his identity it becomes really important for him to vent his views without the fear of being judged! i know it sounds like a teenager having problems with adaptation right, i know but cant help!

Recently i started calling it adaptation failure, an unnamed problem faced by most of people going into adulthood, strangely enough i was never afraid of becoming an adult! My ways were pretty clear, rational as they call it, never had any such teenage issues, but alas now at this point of my life I am having this crisis and is failing repeatedly to deal with it!

sounds so confusing see???? abstract isn’t it!! That’s actually the whole idea of this page ..

And also

View my food journey on Zomato!


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