Ideas stormed in

I am a novice in this field of writing blogs, I am sure it’s totally evident from my write ups!!
After a long creative block I have started thinking again, read only a little bit, so I have this new choreography competition coming up and  a street play festival followed by it!
For the street play I have funnily sent the synopsis without writing the script, well at least the topic is fixed which is against violence against doctors!
Yes you read it right, it may appear being a medico myself its a very self-centered topic, but you will also agree that it’s no less than any other burning issue at least for India hence at least someone has to talk about it! Mass needs to be motivated isn’t it??
Oh wait, it became serious isn’t it? Sorry for that!
For the choreography, I was thinking about a group contemporary piece based on free will! I am sure it sounds pretty vague right now but I guess it will turn up to be good!

Well well, auto rides always fill my head with ideas!…


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