Homiest Pasta Salad

Hello!!  though i call it a salad, please don’t go by name its no less than any soul food. With simple most and not so healthy ingredients this salad will make your tummy happy and will surely decrease your guilt .:) 🙂


Ingredients :

1. Pasta (I used macaroni i bet penne or fussili will do well ) : Boiled and cooled
2. Onions ( Chopped and dipped in vinegar )
3. Capsicum ( chopped and blanched )
4. Lettuce
5. Sweet corns
6. Gouda ( shredded )
7. Chicken Salami
8. Bread pieces
9. 1000 Island dressing
10. Mayonnaise
11. Salt and Pepper
12. Oregano

Procedure :

Process of making a salad is always very easy when you have all the ingredient ready and fresh!
Put the bread pieces in microwave for 1 min to get your croutons.
Make salami into pieces and fry it in butter.
Put pasta, onion, capsicum, sweet corns, salami in a bowl! Add dressing, add seasoning and oregano,  toss them.
Add lettuce and croutons, then add mayonnaise and shredded gouda ( its salty so be careful while adding salt ), toss!
serve!! 🙂 🙂



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