Toffee topped Oreo- Mocha Cheesecake

I have put every thing I like in this dessert and believe me it was amazing.
This was made for a very dear friend of mine , Somdatta and I love her alot, and she loves food 😍😍😍
Such an awesome combination isn’t it, so here comes my most loved recipe for you..



Ingredients :
For cake base-
2. Butter

For cake body-
1. Cream cheese
2. Fresh cream
3. Condensed milk
4. Coffee
5. Chocolate
6. Oreo
7. Icing sugar

For toffee sauce-
1. Butter
2. Icing sugar
3. Fresh cream

1. Crush Oreo finely in a bowl. Add melted butter. Mix. And put at the base of cake tin. Press it with a spoon so that it becomes firm. Put it in the refrigerator to set.
2. Whip fresh cream till soft peaks.
Whip the cream cheese, with condensed milk ( ratio will be 10:1 spoons) , and icing sugar till peaks form. Add the cream and fold. Divide the mixture in two parts.
3. Add crushed Oreo in to one.
4. Add coffee and melted dark chocolate to other part and fold, carefully so that the peaks are maintained.
5. Take out the cake tin. Put a dollop of mocha mix at the centre and put it back in the freezer to set.
6. After 30 mins take it out. Put the other cheese mixture on it carefully. Make the surface smooth. And put it back into freezer.
7. Warm butter and sugar together in equal amounts on low flame. When it starts to turn amber color add cream, take it off flame and mix, your toffee sauce is ready.
8. After it cools down take the cake out and pour it over, put it back in freezer.
9. Take it out just before serving and top it with whipped cream, sprinkled coffee and chocolate shavings.



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