Keventer’s : A jewel of the Queen of hills


As I start off with writing about my food experiences, I would love to share my views about this place. This January we four friends visited The Queen Of Hills : Darjeeling. I have heard quite a lot about this place called Keventer’s, its located just in front of the tree planters’ club on the road going to Chowrasta better known as Darjeeling Mall.imgres

A two storayed place, looking like a ship deck is something one can not miss, the neon light adds up to its old charm. The ground floor has a small grocery shop, which has the collection of food articles which can give any supermarket a tough competition. They sell fresh cheese ( mostly Cheddar , but gauda and mozzarella are also there) and a decent variety of meat products like salami, sausages, ham, bacon …. etc etc. Hence the food they make from them tastes utterly awesome.

On 1st floor they have two sections, an indoor and an open air section. I though, prefferred the latter for obvious reasons. the stunning view of the clock tower, made famous by the Bollywood movie Barfi, the hustles of the city and the majestic Kanchenjunga.. Ah! what m,ore do you need??? the small lamps, iron chairs and  tables and smell of coffee and hot chocolate complete the vintage  feel of place.

The must thing to try there is , their Ultimate Hot Chocolate, the best one that I have ever tried, just the right amount of chocolate ( by that I mean, stuff left at the bottom of cup ), warm, the perfect smell of hills and happiness. It’s a must recommendation.

Being a coffeeholic, how I can I not try coffee there, it was epic as expected, plusimage


e f




Being a meat lovers’ paradise , we tried bacon burger, chicken burimage

ger, c




The loaf, was okiimage

sh, dry s

erved in


The chicken burger has fresh veggies, two chicken strips and a image

hell lot of


The bacon burger is a must try I say. I have never tasted Bacon as tasty as those. The bacon strips were thick, smoked to perfection.

My pick ?? The bacon burger and Ultimate hot chocolate.

the menu has a lot of other things to offer, I am sure they will be equally awesome.

The most important thing is that the place is very easy on pocket, so it wont cause much of a change in your tour budget.

My advise will be to go for the breakfast, as it closes fast in the evening and you might not be able to image

reach on time.

Will be looking forward for your views about the place if you visit, or any other place you want me to know about.

View my food journey on Zomato!

– its Petuk_bong signing out 🙂 🙂


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