The Spring Sandwich

Its been way too long i have shared my recipes, very sorry for being so irregular!
So today I am gonna share this amazing sandwich that I made today after watching Game of thrones ( which blew my mind )…


  1.  Breads
  2. Butter
  3. American sweet corn
  4. Pickled onion ( onion chopped, dipped in vinegar, salt and sugar )
  5. Mayonnaise ( i used a spiced version )
  6.  Ketchup
  7. Salami ( sliced )
  8.  oregano
  9. Raspberry Relish ( HOME MADE, Watch out for the recipe 🙂 )
  10.  salt and pepper


  • Obviously I started with applying butter on the breads, and toasted them a bit.
  • In a bowl, corn, onion, mayonnaise, ketchup are mixed and kept
  • salami is fried with butter till it becomes crispy, seasoned with salt , pepper and oregano, and kept aside.
  • raspberry relish is applied on one bread
  • on the other one, first the corn mixture topped with salami
  • the sandwiches are closed and grilled!

Happy tummy fellas 🙂 🙂


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