Spaghetti Arrabbiata

Hello everyone! It’s time for the Sunday recipe, today’s recipe is something that almost everyone is acquainted with. So lets start

Wikipedia told me Arrabbiata means literally ‘angry’ in italian, it got its name from the red color and utterly spicy taste. Basic difference between a Marinara and Arrabbiata is the addition of red chillies. I really dont want to fancy with names, so you may call it whatever you want, and as always I tried to remain true to the classic recipe, but you know I love to twist it for my taste buds. so here’s my take,

Things you will need

  1. Spaghetti – 25-30 strands – Boiled with a little bit of oil and salt, strained and cooled
  2. tomato – 1 large – boiled
  3. Garlic – 2-3 cloves
  4. Onions – 1 large- chopped
  5. red chillies – 4-5 ( dried )
  6. chilli flakes
  7. oregano
  8. Chicken – ( optional ) – 1 cup, Shredded – boiled with chopped onion and crushed garlic, strained , stock is kept
  9.  sweet corns – 1 cup
  10.  Cheddar cheese – grated – 3/4th cup
  11. Tomato ketchup – 2 tbsp
  12. oil
  13. salt and pepper

How I make it 

  • take tomato, garlic, red chillies and chicken stock and blend in a smooth puree
  • heat up the pan, add oil
  • add chopped onions, fry till translucent
  • add puree, add ketchup, oregano, red chilli flakes, and seasoning
  • stir till it thickens
  • add chicken, toss
  • add spaghetti, corn and cheese , toss well
  • serve
  • if you want gravy, then keep a cup of pasta water and add it after chicken, boil for a minute then add corn and cheese and pour  it on your spaghetti.

well its done, its very simple, warm and comforting, and million times better than the shop ones, and with my recipe you wont need to buy those ready made pasta sauces with a lot of  preservatives.

Do try and let me know how You liked it, also let me know if you made any changes in it, i would love to hear.


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