Red velvet pancakes 

Hello everyone. 

Whenever we talk about red velvet, we picture the velvety soft, red, chocolate cake. Originally the redvelvate cakes got its name from using beet root in the recipe, these days artificial food colourings are used mostly. The soft texture comes from the use of buttermilk in the mixture. And the distinct taste is attributed to cinnamon. 

 Hence I decided, as I am on a pancake spree why not try this amazing dish. 

The original recipe is by Gemma Stafford of Bigger Bolder baking fame. I am obsessed with her. And obviously I took the liberty of altering the recipe a bit. 

So lets get started.

Things you will need

  1. Flour – 150gs
  2. Egg- 1
  3. Butter- 50gs- melted and cooled to room temperature 
  4. Powdered sugar -50gs
  5. Butter milk- 200mL ( if you don’t get butter milk. Take cold milk, add 1tsp of lemon juice and keep them aside, stir after 10-15mins and you are good to go )
  6. Baking powder -2tsp
  7. Coco powder- 2tbsp
  8. Cinnamon powder- 1tsp
  9. Red food colouring- few drops
  10. Salt
  11. Cream cheese frosting – take cream cheese, add sugar, lemon juice and whisk 
  12. Oil

How I made it

  • Take egg , and add sugar and mix well
  • Add your butter
  • Add buttermilk and mix well
  • Add flour, and baking powder, Coco powder , mix for few strokes. DO NOT OVERMIX YOU DON’T WANT TOUGH PANCAKES. Some lumps are allowed here. 
  • Add your cinnamon and salt
  • Add red food colouring and mix
  • Heat up pan, and add oil
  • Pour the batter carefully. Wait for the bubbles to appear. They are important, Gemma calls them PANCAKE PILLARS. They hold your pancake together. 
  • Flip carefully when edges start to change colour 
  • Stack them together with cream cheese in between two layers. And top with cream cheese. Drizzle some condensed milk. 
  • Serve 💖

Well I will really ask everyone to try this recipe. And let me know if need to modify anything. 

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