Paneer Afghani

​Hello readers. I know it’s middle of the week but I could not help but sharing this recipe. 

Well, to begin with let me give a disclaimer, this recipe is solely developed by me and I don’t claim it to be authentic. I named it so, as I tried to capture the middle eastern richness in this luscious dish which is also veg ( as I used cottage cheese, but you can replace it with chicken). Though this recipe has many layers of flavours some which are purely north Indian. But my family loved it, I am sure you will too. 

So let’s get started,

Things you will need,

  1. Paneer/ cottage cheese – 200gm – cubed
  2. Onion – 1 large – chopped
  3. Tomato – 1 large- boiled, peeled and pureed
  4. Ginger paste – 1 tbsp
  5. Garlic paste – 1 tbsp
  6. Cumin powder – 2tsp
  7. Red chilli powder- 1tbsp
  8. Poppy seed paste – 2tbsp
  9. Tahini sauce – 2tbsp
  10. Tomato ketchup- 2tbsp
  11. Curd ( hung ) – ½ cup
  12. Cloves- 2-3
  13. Cardamom- 2
  14. Cinnamon- 1 stick ( 3 cm ) 
  15. Sultana / black resins/ normal resins 
  16. Kasturi methi – a pinch or two
  17. Salt
  18. Pepper
  19. Sugar
  20. Oil

How I made it,

  • Add salt, chilli powder and sugar to paneer cubes and keep them for a while
  • Heat oil , fry the cubes till edges turn brown. And put them right away in a bowl of cold water 
  • In the oil, add cloves, cardamom and cinnamon 
  • Add onions till translucent 
  • Add ginger and garlic paste, saute till it leaves oil at the edges
  • Add tomato puree and ketchup
  • Add poppy seed paste, cumin powder, red chilli powder. 
  • Add water, just to deglaze the pan. Some more if you need gravy
  • Add tahini sauce
  • Season with salt, pepper and sugar 
  • Lower the flame, and carefully add curd. Do not stir much. Adjust the taste with sugar depending on the sourness of curd.
  • Add resins. And add the paneer cubes
  • Let it simmer for a minute or two
  • Add Kasturi methi and take off the flame. 
  • Ready to be served with naan. 

PS: if you are using chicken, marinate it with vinegar and salt and pepper. Fry it, and keep aside. And add it after tomato puree. Rest will be same. 

So give it a try and do let me know how it turned out. 

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Love you. 


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