Spaghetti in tandoori sauce

Tandoor is a middle Eastern clay made oven used for grilling. Tandoori cuisine thus has an earthy, smoky and spicy taste.
After a long time I decided to cook and I gave this twist to good old spaghetti.


1. Spaghetti
2. Oil ( vegetable or olive )
3. Tomato ketchup
4. Oregano
5. Kasturi methi ( fenugreek leaves)
6. Garlic paste
7. Onions : chopped and dipped in vinegar
8. Red chilli powder
9. Salt and pepper
10. Chicken salami
11. Tandoori mayonnaise : if not available get tandoori spice mix and plain mayonnaise and mix them together.


1. Spaghetti is boiled, with salt and oil ( few drops). Strained, washed with cold water. The starchy water is kept.
2. Oil is heated, galic paste is added  and followed by onions.
3. Salami slices are chopped and added. Fried add high flame.
4. Salt, pepper, red chilli powder, herbs are added.
5. Ketchup is added and a cup of the stachy water is added.
6. After it dries off, taken off the flame and mayonnaise mix is added.
7. Tossed with spaghetti.
8. Ready to eat.
Have fun. Do try and Let me know. 😄😄😄


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